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Hootsuite Integrates Instagram in their Scheduling Program


August 13, 2015

Hootsuite recently integrated Instagram into their social networking software. In addition to Instagram, Hootsuite has previously offered users the use of over 35 networks, including Facebook and Twitter.

The social media scheduling program helps users manage their social media platforms from a dashboard incorporating all of the previous scheduled posts.

With the addition of Instagram, Hootsuite now offers users the ability to publish posts directly or schedule them. Coordinators in agencies can now schedule Instagram posts for multiple clients through the Hootsuite dashboard.

Although there are other Instagram scheduling apps, such as Latergramme, the apps previously created only cater to Instagram. Hootsuite shows content posted from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other utilized social networks, making it easy to view all content previously created.

This integration makes scheduling posts on Instagram easy, but there is one minor important detail. Although you can schedule and create your posts through Hootsuite, to publish your post you need to use your phone. A push notification will pop up on your phone asking if you would like to publish from your Notification Center. Once you select yes, the Instagram app will open in order for you to publish your content.

Even though this scheduling is not yet automatic, it will make posting to Instagram easier for brand managers and coordinators. Whether you are posting for your client, your agency, or yourself, Hootsuite is making posting to Instagram easier.

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