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How to create engaging content that your followers will share


October 20, 2015

There isn’t one magic solution to making business content go viral, but your business should be doing everything it can to create the most shareable content as possible. You want not only your team, but also your customers, to post about your business on their social networks. So how do you get them to do this? 11 entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council explain strategies for doing so without seeming domineering.

1. Create great content. –Diana Goodwin, AquaMobile Swim School

You want content to resonate with your customers and provide value to their friends and family. Incorporate a useful statistic, fun video, actionable promotion, etc.

2. Include them in the content. –Nicole Munoz, Start Ranking Now

Mention customers and tag them in posts. People are less inclined to throw away or delete anything with their name on it. Maybe even send them an email, “Hey! Did you see your project on our social media? Here are the links.”

3. Have them unlock exclusive benefits. –Charles Gaudet, Predictable Profits

Use marketing technology to design a system that tracks who is sharing your content, and have them automatically receive a special discount or other benefits.

4. Integrate something your customers are proud of. –Ranan Lachman, Pley

People are willing to share something that they spend their time doing or that they are proud of. So if they use your product, send them an email asking them to share what they’ve produced with it.

5. Use engaging marketing. –Pejman Ghadimi, Secret Entourage

A lot of times, customers are done after one purchase. You have to engage them and utilize email marketing to bring them back to your site. Open-ended questions often get customers talking and social sharing buttons/links are good one-click solutions.

6. Make it easy to share with icons. –David Ciccarelli,

Place the little social icons on top of your articles or in the sidebar of your blog so that viewers can easily share your content. You’d be surprised how much this helps articles get shared. You’d also be surprised that email is more commonly used as a sharing function than Facebook and Twitter.

7. Focus on value-added content. –Kristopher Jones,

The key isn’t to directly sell anything, but to merely share valuable content. Customers are more likely to share value-added content like how-to posts/videos, guidelines on how to put something together, or even just content that makes them smile/laugh.

8. Tag them. –Obinna Ekezie,

An easy way to get customers to share your content is to tag them on outlets like Twitter. Tag them and share with them content you think would benefit them or utilize Twitter’s search tool and find people who are looking for your specific product/service.

9. Gamify the process. –Joshua Lee, StandOut Authority

Set up games or a weekly leader board. There is a lot of good content out there; you need to do something more to stand out.

10. Network with influencers. –Andrew Kucheriavy, Intechnic

A strategy that works to get influencers’ attention is called ‘ego bait.’ Quote the influencers and mention their name in your content. You would be surprised the results this can produce.

11. Give them a compelling call to action. –Elle Kaplan, LexION Capital

Great content is nothing without a catchy headline and a call to action. Telling the reader what your content will do for them in the headline will encourage them to share without being asked.

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