Here’s where you’ll find out which one of us has arachnophobia.

Or almost won a Grammy. Or helped create Prosperity New Jersey, linking New Jersey’s educational and business assets. All our darkest secrets…

Tom Sullivan


Jeff Chesebro


Chris Sullivan

VP-Cross Media

Paul Federico

Creative Dir.

Tim Burr

Asso. Creative Dir.

Aaron Stoker-Ring

Asso. Creative Dir.

Dennis Nobile


Jan Sullivan


Chris Gatherer

Web Development

Joe Galazzo

Digital Proj. Manager

Devon Flarity

Social Media / Digital Content

Giselle Herrera


Susan Murray

Acct. Exec.

Leigh Cesanek

Asst. Acct. Exec.

Our Partners

At PPI, we take advantage of partnerships to complement the diverse abilities of our team. Working closely with top technology and media specialists allows us to bring the most powerful tools to our clients.