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Twitter Unveils a New Update: Moments


November 5, 2015

Twitter has revolutionized the social media world in more ways than one, most recently with “Moments.” Jack Dorsey, CEO and founder of Twitter made a bold attempt to unveil a long overdue feature that underlines reasons why users should commit to the Twitter world. The day after Dorsey’s return as permanent CEO, the new feature, “Moments,” was released creating a newsfeed with a magazine-like feel to the platform.

A team of editors sort through half a billion tweets to highlight for the most interesting content. This will come across as a stream of live news articles from within the most recent 24 hours. The topics can range from a new breakthrough in chemistry world, the sports score of Sunday’s football game, Obama’s latest decisions in the White House, and what happened on Law and Order last night.

Consumer are hoping to see more Twitter updates following “Moments,” the first major release since the return of Dorsey as CEO. The response so far is positive, satisfying a wider audience, while projecting Twitter to be a real-time communication and social media platform.

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