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“Us,” “Up,” & “Rise”: Apple Launches New Watch Campaign


April 24, 2015

The Apple Watch hits stores today and the company has rolled out three advertisements for the product that are different from the company’s traditional product-focused advertisements that is has used in the past. Their new ads, “Us,” “Up” and “Rise” feature the product incorporated into people’s everyday lives for usage that is not as annoying as notifications received on iPhones.

The Apple Watch is different, as shown in the ads, because it notifies the wearer with a subtle ring that grabs the wearer’s attention for a quick moment with relevant news for that time of day. The Watch is best used once assimilated into the life of its wearer, helping to show “what the watch can do for you” as opposed to how lost the user could get in an iPhone deploring “what you can do with it,” according to TechCrunch.

The ad called “Us” is centered on couples and romance, and how the Apple Watch can be incorporated into everyday relationships. Watch it here.

“Up” shows active Apple Watch users incorporating the product in their workout routines which include everything from dancing, running, biking, and jump-roping to simply standing up. See it here.

Apple Watch users begin their days in “Rise,” showing how all sorts of people utilize the product throughout their mornings. Watch the ad here.

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