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Your Business? There’s an app for that


October 8, 2015

Millennials use their smart phones every day. What if your business could be benefiting from this generation’s app obsession? The Young Entrepreneurs Council (YEC) believes that many businesses should be creating their own app. There are many reasons these entrepreneurs believe having an app is important, and some may be new to you.

One benefit of app creation is that you can easily access customer data. You can monetize from demographic information, social profiles connected with your app, and by finding the location of potential customers.

A client coming to visit your offices may lose internet service and not be able to access your mobile site, but an app can provide a solution. With an app for your business, the client can access the information they need offline to find an address or the business’ phone number.

Having an app can increase your Google rankings and overall search engine optimization (SEO). Google typically displays apps among its first results when searches are done through a mobile device. That extra visibility could aid a potential client in finding your business.

Be warned, some businesses begin to create an app, only to abandon it or not fully develop it. A business may also create an app that doesn’t add any value or functionality.

It would be wise to consider what value an app could bring to your target audience, and evaluate if it could be used on a semi-regular basis. If the answer to these queries is yes, then it may be time to invest in app development.

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