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4 Reactions to Jack Dorsey’s return as Twitter CEO


October 22, 2015

Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s interim CEO and co-founder, is back in charge. The development was reported at the end of September, ending Twitter’s search for an executive, which started when former chief, Dick Costolo, stepped down in June.

It was an interesting move on Twitter’s part, considering Dorsey was fired from the same position back in 2008. However, seven years have gone by, and maybe Dorsey is exactly what the company needs.

Here are what four marketers and industry watchers have to say on the issue:

1. Aaron Shapiro, CEO of digital ad agency, Huge, seems to approve of the idea. He thinks Dorsey is a product guy and that Twitter needs somebody with that mindset. According to Shapiro, Dorsey will keep Twitter evolving, and he show compassion for the product itself.

2. Matt Rednor, CEO at Decoded Advertising, was indifferent about the news. He thinks that it is a helpful step that has the ability of satisfying Wall Street for now, but he doesn’t believe it will impact the ad community that much. He stands on the belief that consumers don’t care who the CEO is.

3. Anand Sanwal, CEO of venture capital database CB Insights, worries about conflict between mobile payments app Square that Dorsey also leads. Square is rumored to be going public soon, and this will mean Dorsey is the CEO of two public companies. Twitter is in need of love and attention, but Square is as well. Square is a company emerging in a very competitive space. Seeing how Dorsey manages both will be interesting.

4. Brian Wieser, a web advertising-focused research analyst at Pivotal Research Group, agrees with Sanwal but also thinks investors will be relieved that someone notable is back running the show. He thinks investors will be happy to see a resolution, but will also be worried about a split of time between companies.

All we can do is wait and see what happens, but in the meantime, read more here.