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4 Big Developments Show Why Snapchat Was 2015’s Buzziest Platform


December 17, 2015

The mobile app, Snapchat, widely used among millions of teens and college kids, made noteworthy developments this year, making major strides in digital marketing.

  1. It’s quickly catching up to Facebook for video views.

Snapchat videos are now at 6 billion views every day, approaching Facebook’s 8 billion views. The buzz for Snapchat is gaining traction. iHeartRadio received 340 million impressions on Snapchat at a two-day festival this year.

  1. Publishers have Snapchat-focused newsrooms.

Although publishers and advertisers were skeptical at the start of 2015, 18 major U.S. publishers are now on Snapchat’s news portal. Expansion for the Discover tool appears to be in the horizon for 2016.

  1. It has diversified its ad offerings.

Snapchat reworked its video ads in May to be 10-second video ads at 2 cents per view. The company also launched sponsored geofilters, which are location-based graphic filters for users’ photos. Additionally, Snapchat created Sponsored Lenses, where a promoted graphic filter can overlay a user’s picture.

  1. Thanks to Snapchat, vertical video has gone from an oddity to the “cool thing.”

The buzz created around Snapchat has allowed more brands to view vertical video more seriously than before. The company states that vertical videos are nine times more likely to be viewed than horizontal videos.

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