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7 clever spending tips to help you shop smarter


May 14, 2015

With summer coming up so soon, there are some helpful hints and tips for spending and shopping smarter without being super cheap. With the help of technology and knowing when to buy the right things, here are seven tips for getting the most out of your budget.

  1. Save at the grocery store by shopping there on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Coupons are released for the week on Sundays and Wednesdays start the next sales cycle for the week, making Sunday, Monday and Tuesday the best time of week to take advantage of sales, promotions and coupons.

  1. Let your item linger in your online shopping cart.

Sometimes if you keep an item in your online shopping cart for a few weeks, retailers will send you coupons and notify you when the price for that item goes down. Although this doesn’t always happen, it doesn’t hurt to try if there’s no rush to buy.

  1. Shop competitively on your smartphone.

RedLaser and BuyVia are two helpful apps that you can use to find better prices and better deals by comparing all online items to what’s in the store you’re at.

  1. Buy in bulk at sales.

When shopping for essentials that you purchase only several times a year, like toothbrushes, buy as much as you can when it’s on sale. Customers buy those things regularly, but at sales they are buying at the right time.

  1. May is a great time to buy.

Mark Di Vincenzo says refrigerators, deodorant, condiments, picnic items, and mattresses and box springs are ideal items to purchase just before summer because retailers often offer discounts and price cuts in May.

  1. Instantly save at check out by downloading Coupons at Checkout.

Google Chrome’s Coupons at Checkout browser extension is quick and easy to learn. It gathers coupons for the items you are about to purchase online and puts them in a dropdown menu directly in your purchase window.

  1. Email alerts could help you find a bargain on airfare.

Yapta and Airfarewatchdog are two email alert systems that can help you find a deal on a plane ticket the closer it gets to the time of your flight.

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