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8 Ways You Should Be Using LinkedIn


December 31, 2015

Devoting a few minutes each day to LinkedIn, the professional networking site, can bolster relationships, attract talent for your company and grow your personal brand. Adweek recommends these 8 tips for making the most of your LinkedIn profile:

  1. Keep your profile current

Once or twice a year take a few minutes to review your profile. Make sure the information is up-to-date, and add a line or two about a recent project you completed.

  1. Add projects to your profile

Add a link to the projects section of your profile. If others contributed to the project, tag them and share the credit.

  1. Mention Co-workers

Not everyone posts his or her professional achievements on Facebook, so LinkedIn is the place to professionally and publically acknowledge a friend who recently got a promotion, started a new job or completed a project.

  1. Publish Thought Leadership

People are more likely to comment on articles through LinkedIn than any other social media site. When you post or share content, connections are instantly notified, so active LinkedIn users should have no trouble finding an audience.

  1. Dabble in Groups

Review some of your connections profiles to see what groups they are a part of, and then join a few that interest you.

  1. Scan Updates

LinkedIn’s mobile app is great for scanning through news and navigating your feed.

  1. Download the Connected App

The Connected App makes it easy to see who has a new job, work anniversary, birthday, etc. Users can congratulate each other on these special occasions and send a message for a more personal approach.

  1. Connect with people you actually know

LinkedIn is most useful when the updates coming up on your screen are from people you actually know.


Using LinkedIn regularly can lead to meaningful conversations with people you know, as well as networking opportunities with those you don’t. For more tips on how to best use LinkedIn, read the complete article here.