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A New Kind of Email


December 2, 2014

In a world where people form relationships through social media, where there is an app for just about everything and where people will text each other within the same room, email is a lost art. However, Google just created “Inbox,” a new email interface. This program has all of the features necessary to revive the professional use of email and alleviate the stress that came with daily email use.

This new kind of email has various features designed to fix the problems many people experience. There is a “pin” feature to push an email to the top of your inbox, thereby providing a reminder to attend to this particular email. There is a “preview” feature that allows you to view an attachment before clicking the email. The “bundle” feature automatically sorts your email into different categories to avoid a cluttered inbox, while the “sweep” option allows you to archive entire bundles at one time. Lastly, the “snooze” feature lets you remove an email from your inbox and schedule a new time to receive the email when you are ready to answer it.

Although email may be frustrating at times, Inbox is a new and different way to alleviate that frustration and make your daily professional life a little easier.