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Ad Targeting on 8 Social Media Platforms


November 17, 2015

Recently, eMarketer reported that 88% of businesses have a presence on at least one social media platform. Now, many platforms have more sophisticated targeting abilities. Here is a breakdown of the 8 largest social media platforms and the targeting abilities of each one.

  1. Instagram

Since Facebook acquired Instagram, statistics available to marketers can be evaluated across both platforms. The combination of Facebook’s user data and Instagram’s interactive, visually-driven user base allows marketers to connect with consumers on a more sophisticated level.

  1. Snapchat

Snapchat is the hot app today, and marketers are learning how to use it to target specific audiences and locations. Live Stories that feature cities, music festivals, and sporting events are gaining popularity. Marketers can advertise to a specific audience through the event featured in the Live Story. Advertisers can target genders, ages, and locations of users. They can even target consumers using an iPhone or Android.

  1. Pinterest

With new Buyable Pins, interest for Pinterest has grown. Brands can target users based on what products interest them and their price range. The ads can also target users based on location, device, gender, age and other interests.

  1. Twitter

The company claims that they reach 700 million users, and with the new addition of auto-play video promos, many companies like Sony and Heineken are jumping on board. Companies using tools on Twitter such as Conversation Lift and Promoted Tweets, tweets can be targeted better and seen more.

  1. Facebook

Facebook added six campaigns for brands in the past six months alone, allowing brands to target nearly one billion users based on their interests. On top of all the other campaigns and useful tools that Facebook provides, dynamic product ads have become possible on Facebook’s mobile network. The analytics available and amount of tools Facebook provides is an excellent resource for marketers on this platform.

  1. Kik

Kik, an app made popular by college students and teens, seems to be the underdog of social media platforms. The messenger app allows users to view sponsored videos or play games to earn points for stickers or new features on their app. Kik Promoted Chat is a new way for advertisers to connect with their younger audience. Seventeen and Vans have already begun connecting with audiences using this method.

  1. Whisper

At first, many marketers may not understand the benefit of an anonymous app. Based on the moods of app users many brands are targeting advertising to a user’s happiness, sadness, etc. Whisper is still in the starting phases but has already been advertised by MTV, Fox, and Coca Cola.

  1. Tumblr

It can be hard to find a place for advertising on this blog based site. However, using Sponsored Ads or Sponsored Videos, some companies have been able to target a specific gender, location, or interest. Working with the site on content creation for a brand seems to be the best strategy.

See the stats of each of these platforms and learn more here.