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Agencies and Brands need to Utilize Music


August 25, 2015

Music should no longer be an afterthought in creating video content, according to Ad Age’s recent analysis of the importance of music in advertisements.

Ad Age suggests that agencies and brands need to take music seriously, saying that music evokes so much emotion that it can make as much of an impact as the video itself. The article lists three brands that they believe are correctly using music in their advertisements:

  1. United Airlines

United has used Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” in order to create a calm and recognizable tune in their branding.

  1. Virgin Airlines

Virgin Airlines has created a soundtrack played when passengers are going through the hectic boarding process. Much like United, Virgin’s tunes are calm and comforting to their passengers.

  1. Charlie Bird

A restaurant in New York City, Charlie Bird utilizes 90’s hip hop to offset their fancy food and décor.

Brands and agencies are forgetting to incorporate “consistency throughout communication on all levels,” Ad Age says, suggesting that music becomes utilized in order to merge a connection between the “intellectual and emotional” side of an audience.  In order to achieve this synchronization, Ad Age suggests that brands and agencies consult composers and utilize equal emphasis on all creative fields.

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