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Blogging 101


November 6, 2013

Your blog content not only aids in SEO rankings but improves your company’s overall stance as a thought leader in the industry you serve. Follow these basic criteria when creating your next blog post and help leverage your expertise.

  • Things to keep in mind
    • Try to write a post that is easily digestible. Incorporate bulleted statements into the copy to break it up, and try creating lists if you’re not comfortable with long-form content.
    • Don’t be afraid to use images. Today’s social world is more visual than anything. Incorporate images into your post. Create a photo diary. Get creative.
  • Do your homework
    • Spend an extra five minutes researching a topic you’d like to work on. Gather other points-of-view to potentially bounce yours off of.
  • Cut out the fluff
    • Make sure your blog is full of quality content that is providing value to the reader. Make sure every sentence is saying something.
  • Make a connection
    • Connect to something that even one follower will find interesting. Insert yourself into a conversation that already exists and show how your opinion matters.
  • Listen
    • Actively listen to what other people in the field are saying and respect the conversation.
  • The importance of a title
    • Think about what you’d search for in Google regarding that topic. What sentence would you put in that search bar? This should inform your title.
  • Google Trends
    • Check out Google Trends to compare different keywords and see which ones are performing better. This will help your blog post in terms of SEO and Google search results.
  • Include links
    • In future posts, try to include links that head back to a relevant page on your website. Link to either a landing page or another blog post that’s been written. Mention a co-worker in your post? Link to their bio page.

These little tips will help you in the pursuit of your next blog post. Try them out and reap the benefits.