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Freeform Lives Up to its New Name by Experimenting with Content, Ad Formats


May 19, 2016

Just a few months after changing its name, Freeform is introducing new content, events, and ad formats. The channel has completely rebranded and is now being described as, “fresh,” “bold,” and “innovative.”

The network is looking to continue the hype and is going to enter the world of late-night television. The show will feature a panel of women talking about news, politics, food, and entertainment.

In addition, Freeform is modifying its ad formats. The network is hoping to create more interactive ads and provide advertisers the chance to sponsor shorter content during “25 days of Christmas.”

Besides content on the network, Freeform is developing a live festival for Summer 2017 called Freeform Fest. The fest will include performances, interactive art, food, and more.

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