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How social media is helping fight homelessness


May 19, 2015

Social media, a facet of our everyday lives, is helping one “soup kitchen” feed the homeless and advocate to end chronic homelessness altogether. Less of a soup kitchen, more of a restaurant, Miriam’s Kitchen, is located in Washington D.C.’s Foggy Bottom neighborhood.

Miriam’s Kitchen is built on the philosophy that if the food isn’t good enough to serve to their own friends and family, they won’t serve it. Its menu changes every day based on donations and can include scrambled eggs, Alaska salmon and French toast.

Michelle Obama’s visit to the kitchen helped to kick off Miriam’s Kitchen’s large social media presence. It now posts about donations and volunteers, encouraging others to do so as well. Social media is helping the kitchen receive donations in real time, helping with issues faced by homeless in the present.

Miriam’s Kitchen is now working to advocate an end to homelessness by spreading awareness and starting conversations in an effort to change people’s minds on homelessness.

Tom Murphy, Director of Communications at Miriam’s Kitchen, is thankful for the response it has garnered on social:  “that’s volunteers, donors, advocates, even just people who see a story that they like and decide to share it on Facebook or Twitter. Those people are advocates, even if they don’t realize it.”

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