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How to Target your Advertising this Holiday Season


November 26, 2015

Holiday season, the time of year that brings in the most sales for many companies, is approaching. Retail sales from Thanksgiving to Christmas make up about 20% of the year’s total sales. Here are some tips to optimize your marketing reach to help increase sales this holiday season.

Countdowns help drive consumers to buy now. Not only can you appeal to shoppers to buy immediately, but consumers love to buy for themselves. Many consumers purchase gifts for themselves up until Thanksgiving. Encourage your customers to treat themselves and experiment with benefits.

Offering free shipping on items with high profit margins is another technique to incentivize consumers to order now or to add more merchandise to their cart to meet a minimum. During all these sales, deals, and strategizing, make sure to be tracking information and evaluating what is working and what is not working. This can help advance your company for the New Year and continue to improve even while the holiday shopping is going on.

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