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July 7, 2015

When it comes to social issues, it can often be seen as highly controversial for a brand to openly show their support for or against a cause. However, after the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage across America, many big name brands showed no hesitation in supporting this momentous day on social media with rainbow images and hashtags like #LoveIsLove and #LoveWins.

Not only was this a bold statement for brands, but it was also a brilliant way to make an impression on their users as well. #LoveWins. was tweeted more than 6.2 million times within the first 6 hours after the Supreme Court’s ruling.

Big name companies tweeted about the event and even updated their logos in support of it. For some, like Deloitte, it was the first time in history that they ever changed the color of their logo. Companies like Cheerios, Ben & Jerry’s, Maytag and so many more quickly pulled together images and tweets that creatively showed their undoubted support.







Facebook created an app that is allowing users to give their profile picture a rainbow flag filter with the click of a link, which made their support even more powerful than just a shared link or status updated.

This overwhelming support by big name brands marks a departure from a time when companies would shy away from controversial issues and let their stance remain ambiguous. At this point, brands have to decide whether they want to take a stance, and possibly alienate their more conservative customers, or remain silent and upset their younger, more liberal consumers.

Realistically, some people may still question whether these companies are actually showing their support, or doing so as a marketing ploy. However, I truly believe that we are in a time where it may be a mix of both as a necessary method of business survival in a more liberal era than we have ever seen before. For that reason, this decision that companies are making will only continue to grow in importance as today’s liberal millennials become a larger portion of America’s consumer base.