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Microsoft is killing off the Internet Explorer brand


March 19, 2015

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer will soon be replaced by an upcoming browser successor, which will be called “Project Spartan” until the organization decides on an official name for the browser, Microsoft’s marketing chief Chris Capossella confirmed at the Microsoft Convergence on Monday.

IE will remain in just a few versions of Windows 10, mainly for enterprise compatibility purposes.

Microsoft is still testing brand names for the new web browser. As a result of the testing thus far, the brand name will most likely include “Microsoft,” but the tech giant will most definitely be removing their ties to IE in the name.

Despite the negative image associated with Microsoft and Internet Explorer, market tests proved that users responded well when “Microsoft” was used as part of the brand name in tests.

Improving the brand’s perception is taking place on social media as well, Capossella explained. Responding to Microsoft’s Xbox and Surface consumers on Twitter with personalized images, for example, has brought Microsoft more positive perceptions.

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