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Newark Downtown District


February 10, 2015

In November, the Newark Downtown District (NDD) chose the Princeton Partners/Gravitater team, combined with our partner and innovator Sparkway, to launch a first of its kind website redesign that will highlight all of the conveniences the downtown district of Newark has to offer. More than just a website, our team will be working with NDD to create a truly dynamic and engaging online experience that will not only encourage web users to visit, but to also entice visitation, residential living, commercial real estate, and commerce in the downtown district.

In addition to the full-scale redesign, our team is charged with creating a better user experience for their Geographic Information System (GIS) so it becomes easier for site visitors to find information about what the city of Newark has to offer. The new website will bring to life Newark’s wide variety of businesses, commercial & residential properties, events, activities, places, and organizations available, and will provide consumers, residents, nearby office workers, local high school and college students, tourists, investors, developers, and business owners with exactly what they are looking for when it comes to life, labor, and leisure in the downtown district of Newark.