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The king of user generated content – a look at GoPro


March 11, 2014

When it comes to leveraging user generated content, action camera company GoPro knows how it’s done! One search for GoPro on Google returns over 1.4 billion results, and more pages of user shot images and video than a single person could scroll through in a day. As of writing, GoPro is currently reaping the rewards from over:

7,097,332 Facebook Likes

1,641,186 YouTube subscribers

877,000 Twitter followers

1,672,828 Instagram followers

So, the question that everyone should be asking is: how did they do it? How did a small camera company that got its initial funding from selling bead and shell belts out of the side of Nicholas Woodman’s VW Van, become a driving force of user generated content?

Answer: They set out to make people’s lives better and in short- they succeeded.

Rather than set of goal of selling X number of cameras or capturing Y% of market share, GoPro founder Woodman set his business goal on something else: improving the life of the GoPro users.

The company accomplished this is 3 major ways.

1)     They provided a technology that allowed people to capture and share aspects of their lives that they were already doing and were just unable to capture and share.

2)     They made it easy to do by providing free editing software and tips and tricks with their cameras, giving even the least tech-savvy user the ability to produce their own professional looking videos.

And most importantly,

3)     They created channels for people to share the content that they have created. Take one look at GoPro’s Facebook or YouTube pages and you will find a thriving community of GoPro users who share their own content on a daily basis. It has  creatd the almost infinite pool of user generated content and helps drive the GoPro brand further into the hearts and minds of their users.