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The Magic of Viceland


August 11, 2016

I’m part of a generation that rarely watches traditional cable news, and instead absorbs news in a much more fragmented way.

VICE Media unveiled its new television network, VICELAND, in February in an attempt to lure my generation, millennials, back to TV and tap into television advertising dollars.  The new network features programming that appeals to politically, culturally and environmentally cognizant millennials such as myself.

I love VICELAND because the content is broken down into various shows and episodes that focus on specific topics like race, politics, food and music, making it easier to digest the events of the world.  Another compelling element? The host’s ability to inform while entertaining. As most other millennials would agree, if something doesn’t entertain us, we quickly lose interest.

Re-watching an old episode or catching up on one you missed is made easy with VICELAND’s YouTube channel and app. Both usually have full episodes available to watch at the viewers leisure.

As a marketing student, I also appreciate how VICELAND handles its advertising.  Similar to Spotify, VICELAND utilizes some of its ad space for self-promotion, and the ads are concise, bold, and witty. My favorite ad features real calls from people to the VICELAND office.  Positive reviews; negative reviews; questions; crazy people spouting nonsense; it doesn’t matter.  VICELAND encourages viewers to call and actually display the number on the air. It’s, 646-851-0347 by the way.

Above all, my favorite thing about this channel is how the vibrant hosts immerse themselves in the topic and culture they are covering. I feel like I am a part of the conversation, as opposed to being spoken to.  That is the magic of VICELAND and is the reason I watch.

 bryan s.

 PPI Intern Bryan Solomon is a recent graduate of The College of New Jersey, a television junkie, and an avid Reddit skimmer. However, attractions to television and the internet don’t make him a hermit as he is a hiking enthusiast and has plans to blaze a trail for himself in the advertising industry.