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The Power of Engagement


December 8, 2015

What do you think of when you hear the word engagement?  Do you think commitment? Do you think marriage? Most people think of an obligation or a promise to maintain a connection or relationship. While the context in which this normally occurs is a relationship between two people, another important context refers to driving customer engagement from social media. As it turns out, there are several ways in which an engagement between two people is similar to engaging an audience through valuable online content.

  1. Content Should Lead to a Long-Term Commitment

You just got engaged. You took the plunge to commit yourself to one person, believing that they are the only other person with whom you want to spend your life. This long-term relationship is something that every company should aim to have with their audience. Through posting on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+, Pinterest, etc., you need to consider that the content is worthy of creating a lasting relationship with your readers.

  1. First Impressions Count

Whether you’re on a first date, a third date, or simply spotting someone from across the room, appearance matters. When creating content, you need to consider, is this content eye-catching? One way to catch the attention of readers is with strong visibility. When it comes to visual effectiveness, having content that is highly visible without completely taking up the page is extremely effective. Color also has a strong effect on grabbing readers’ attention. According to a report by Curalate, multicolored images are more likely to grab users’ attention than those that feature one hue. If you want to engage your readers with a great first impression, be big, be bold, and be colorful.

  1. Content Should be Worthy of Sharing with Friends and Family

One of the most effective ways to share information is through word of mouth. In a serious relationship or engagement, most couples will take the time to meet each other’s friends and family. Similarly, whatever content is posted should be worthy of being shared. This means that the content needs to be interesting and grab the attention of readers to entice them to re-tweet, repost, or share that content with others. This can exponentially increase the amount of engagement with that particular post, extending your reach and improving your relationship with your audience.

  1. Is the Content Relevant?

In every relationship, you look for someone who can fit into your life—someone who shares the same morals and values, and has a similar lifestyle. The same goes for posting on social media. In making sure that the content is relevant to your audience, something that they will enjoy reading and can use in their workplace, you will be able to better drive customer engagement and make a lasting impact on everyone reading. They will be more likely to come back to read future posts, and your relationship will improve based on a shared ideas.

  1. Social Conversations

You would not want to be in a relationship with someone who has a robotic-like personality, or someone with whom you cannot have flowing conversations. As such, consumers’ interests will not be sparked by the potential of being sold a product or service. Engage in social conversations. In making your content conversational, social, and inviting, not only will people want to read your posts, but they will also want to engage with your content. Engage with your readers as though they are individuals rather than potential clients, establish relationships, and in turn, they will be more likely to reach out to your company, re-tweet or repost your ideas, and comment on your posts.

  1. Go Above and Beyond

A predictor of a lasting and engaging relationship is going above and beyond for the other person. Consider the number of Twitter followers that consumers have or how many connections they have on LinkedIn. Among the variety of content, it is important to stand out. Media Post discusses how Tablets, Apps, and rich media ads show a much stronger performance than standard advertising. Technology is constantly changing and therefore, so should your content and media outlets. Creating an app for your product or simply staying relevant with the standards for today’s media will do wonders for creating and sustaining a meaningful consumer relationship.

The next time you create a post on social media, think of your ideal relationship. What do you need to do to create an engaging relationship?