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The Princeton Partners Internship

Chris Sullivan

April 28, 2015
Chris Sullivan

We just made our final offers to eight new interns who will join Princeton Partners this summer. They’ll study account management, media, social media, content creation and curation, art direction, strategy and more. They will bring with them energy, new ideas, and lots of enthusiasm. It’s another great reason to welcome summer.

Since I joined the agency in 2004, the agency has played host to nearly 200 interns from colleges and universities located throughout our country, and even one from Germany.  Nearby schools, like The College of New Jersey, Rider, Rutgers and St. Joseph’s make up the bulk of our students.  Come summer time, our geography widens to include locals who attend schools in Boston, Delaware, Washington D.C., New York City and more.

Here are some tidbits, interesting factoids and insights that you may appreciate about Princeton Partners’ internship program:

  • Our interns get real experience—market research, effective presentation making, client meetings, agency brainstorms, creative ideation and more. This is no copier duty or “lunch run” internship here.
  • Each intern interviewee gets the same question: “What’s the funniest movie you’ve ever seen?” You can tell a lot about a person by their answer. Some have even received internship offers on the spot for their answers.
  • We have hired over 20 interns as full-time employees. I have personally hired an intern to instruct my kids in developing code. Our current Media Manager, Graphic Designer, and Account Support are all past interns.
  • Some interns, later in their career, have hired Princeton Partners to be their agency.
  • The shortest internship we’ve had is 24 hours. We hired him full-time after one day.
  • Many interns form life long bonds with each other during the short three months they are here and continue to stay in touch when the internship is over.

Being entrepreneurial, intelligent, hard-working and personable have always been attributes of our hires, but in the past year, we have begun to see a dynamic shift in the capabilities of our interns.  For the first time, the students have become the teachers. Their grasp of technology and its application to social media have had us looking at each other with grins on more than a few occasions.

So as summer approaches, we’re all look forward to our new crop of stars. We look forwarding to teaching them and to having them teach us!

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