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What Digital Ad Blockers Mean for Advertisers


November 10, 2015

In the last 12 months, ad blocking grew by 41% worldwide, according to There are an estimated 198 million active ad blocking users around the world. This includes a 48% increase in the United States, which equates to 45 million active users. An estimated $22 billon in ad revenue will be blocked in 2015.

I was very interested in the adaption of ad blocking in my state. The majority of the media I place is geo-specific to the state of New Jersey. If you ever hear me talk about targeting the state, it can be a nightmare through traditional media. This is why digital media plays a larger role in most of my media plans, which it should because of its targeting ability.

According to the study, 14% of monthly users block digital ads, which is about 6 million monthly users. However, this study did not include the amount of devices each person uses because that would say 75% of New Jersians use ad blockers. But, if the average users have the blocker on 3 devices, there are 2 million unique people blocking digital ads, which is 25% of the New Jersey population.

This is a growing concern for media planners and advertisers, as well as websites that only exist because of ad revenue. Media Planners have always needed to adapt to the trends, but this one will be a challenging if these numbers continue to grow. There are many ways that a Media Planner can plan to adapt for this change. Here are two ways:

Content Marketing

Princeton Partners always preaches that creating content that makes you an industry expert is key when it comes to any marketing campaign. Producing content in a paid and an unpaid way will only become more important if we are limited to the amount of people we can target online. Social media always plays a role in content, but if we can’t push out a client’s content in a paid space, people “liking” and “sharing” your content on social platforms will be more important to show that you are an expert in your industry.

Traditional Media

If you have ever spoken to me about media or read one of my previous blog posts, you know I am a believer in traditional media. TV is continues to pull in big numbers, as it attempts to compete with the Netflix and Hulu’s of the world. Sporting events and shows like “The Walking Dead” and “Sunday Night Football” also pull millions of viewers each week.

There will be more than just these two prime ways to adjust for ad blocking if it continues. Media is all about adapting to change, and this looks like it could be the next challenge.