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White House now Allowing Photos and Social Media


July 30, 2015

Most tourists visiting Washington DC are normally doing one specific thing while standing outside of the White House-taking pictures. If they were lucky enough to have a tour inside the White House, tourists for quite some time were banned from taking pictures or using social media of any type. After forty years, this ban no longer exists.

The First Lady, Michelle Obama, took to Instagram and Twitter to make her announcement earlier this month. In the video, the FLOTUS stated “If you’ve been on a White House tour, you may have seen this sign.” The sign states “no photos or social media allowed.”  She then ripped the sign and stated “Well, not anymore.”

In a caption alongside her video on Instagram, the First Lady wrote “Big news! Starting today, we’re lifting the ban on cameras and photos on the White House public tour. Visitors are now able to take photos and keep those memories for a lifetime! To learn how to schedule a tour with your friends and family, visit”

Even though the utilization of social media and cameras is now allowed, flash photography, video cameras, live-streaming, and selfie sticks (for obvious reasons!!) will remain banned on the public tours. Tourists are now allowed to use phone cameras and compact still cameras.

To learn more, and to see the First Lady’s video, visit: